Last month at Varricchio’s Crash…

Last month at Varricchio’s Crash…

October was another good month at Varricchio’s Crash as we worked our way through the usual current of dinged up cars.

Josh returned from overseas full of stories of Egypt… a land where Ubers don’t have seatbelts and a panel beater is just a friendly Egyptian man at the side of the road with a hammer ‘giving it a go’. Cairo boasts some of the world’s most insane traffic, rendering any proper crash repairs pointless for those who aren’t in the mood to fix their car again every month or two!

      Left: Josh at the Temple of Horus. Right: A Chevy pickup, ‘under-loaded’ by Egyptian Standards!

The sun also started to shine and this classic Mustang needed a bit of love to get her ready for the summer months. Some fairly nasty damage on this old-school beauty required some old-school finesse, which fortunately our panel beater Damien has in spades. A good ol’ bare metal repair and a bit of paintwork had it raring to get back on the road and one happy owner.


RAA rolled out their new logo as part of a complete re-brand. Being (proudly) an RAA approved crash repairer we had a few signs to change over, so you’ll notice all the shiny new Approved Repairer logos as you drive past our workshop. No small task for a company such as the RAA, given the span of their approved repairer network, but we’re sure the fresh yellow signs will complement the up-and-coming sunshine.

               RAA Approved Repairer for Crash Repairs Logo

Big things are in the works for us as we race towards the end of the year… Stay tuned!