I’ve been hit by a third party. Should I still put a claim in?

If you have comprehensive insurance we recommend still lodging a claim with your own insurer. They should be able to create a nil excess claim for you, as you weren’t at fault. You will simply need to provide them with the details you have from the third party, including their name, address, phone number, registration of the vehicle that hit you and any third party insurance details.  This will allow you to still deal with your own insurance company and is usually a quicker and easier way of getting things done.

My insurer is telling me to go to their repair shop. Do I have a choice of repairer or do I have to do what they say?

With most insurers you will be able to choose your own repairer. To be sure of this, you will need to read your product disclosure statement and see what it says. In some cases unfortunately you may not have a choice, however it is quite common that some insurers will try and convince you this even if it’s not actually the case. Whether they try and push you to their repairer, tell you to obtain multiple quotes, or warn that you ‘may not be covered by their warranty’ if you choose your own (remember, a good repairer will guarantee all their workmanship anyway) – normally if you stand your ground and insist on your own repairer they will grant you your rights.

Do you provide loan cars, and if so do I have to pay for one?

Yes, we have several loan vehicles available that we can offer you for the duration of your repair. These loan cars are at no cost to you, they are provided to make your repair process as seamless an experience as possible.

My insurer doesn’t fix my car so does it really matter who I’m with?

Who you are insured with can certainly make a big difference. Although a reputable repairer should carry out quality repairs no matter what, a lower tier insurance company will me more likely to pressure you into using a cheaper repairer. Even if you are able to choose your repairer after all, a lower tier insurance company is likely to pressure your repair shop into cutting more corners to save money. This risks quality and can also put additional strain on you and the whole process.

Which insurance companies are consistently the best to deal with?

Currently, these are our top 5:

  1. RAA
  2. QBE
  3. Blue Zebra
  4. Swann
  5. Elders
How can I get home after dropping off my car?

As well as offering loan vehicles, if you live in the local area we will gladly provide a free drop off and pick up service to take you home and back at the start and finish of your repairs

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