Choice of Repairer (Part 1) – Does it Matter?

Choice of Repairer (Part 1) – Does it Matter?

A lower insurance premium is always tempting, especially as we don’t generally need our insurance when we are taking it out. So what am I actually giving up?


Unfortunately not all insurance companies are created equal. When they are taking your money they all do just about the same job, but what about when you’ve been in an accident and you actually need them? One of the big differences between them will be whether or not they offer you choice of repairer.

With choice of repairer you are able to select the crash repairer that you are happiest taking your car to. You simply take your car to that repairer and they will prepare a quote for the insurer, before the vehicle is assessed and approved for repairs at that same repairer.

Without choice of repairer, the insurance company will dictate where you are to take your car, and even if you’re unhappy with the prospect of using the designated repairer, you often won’t have much of a say in the matter.


So how much does it matter whether or not I have choice of repairer?

Much like everything else this has a lot to do with personal preference. Some of us won’t necessarily mind where our car is fixed, as long as it is restored to working order. However when we really love our car, and when we’re leading busy lives there are a few factors where having your own choice can really be a blessing.


1. Quality of repairs

The quality of workmanship varies from one crash repairer to another, however is a major factor in the outcome of your repairs. This is especially crucial for those of us who love our cars and want them coming out looking their best. Finding a repairer that not only possesses these skills, but also this passion for truly looking after your car will make sure that you’re getting what you want out of your repair job.

2. Warranty

As well as the quality of your collision repair, the warranty on your repairs and the repairer’s willingness to assist you with any potential warranty repairs (no matter how big or small) has a lot to do with how stress-free your experience is.

3. Customer service

The way that a repairer treats you often says a lot about how they will treat your car. Unfortunately when the repairer knows you don’t have a choice in coming to them, they won’t necessarily try their utmost to keep you happy.

4. Proximity

Sometimes it’s a big ask to take your car all the way to the other side of town when there’s a repairer you’d prefer just around the corner. If your insurance will dictate your crash repairer to you, it is certainly worth finding out, where is it located?

5. Loan cars

Some of us will be fine without a loan car, but for some of us even just a day or two without a car can cost us a lot of money and create a lot of headaches. With a choice of repairer you can make sure to take your car somewhere that can offer you a replacement vehicle.


Accidents can happen, so what sort of a position will you be in if one does? If you do your research it won’t necessarily cost too much extra to ensure you can have your say if you are involved in a crash. If you already have been, speak to your preferred repair for their advice on how to handle your claim.

Part 2 to come.